Zero [Michael G. Jordan (2015)]


Let’s go back. Way back. Back to where it all began.

Back to that very first instant of the big bang.

If, as Quantum Physics states, all motion is relative?

Then what is the motion that occurs in that first instant of the Big Bang relative to?

If you ponder this you can only come to the conclusion that this “first instant” motion is zero motion.

Zero motion is Absolute Motion.

Quantum Physics adherents will say, “This is where Quantum Physics breaks down.”

I will tell you, “This is where The General Field Theory of Physics begins.”


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Any new understanding in Physics that deviates from Quantum Physics Standard Model (QPSM) will require a clear explanation and a new vocabulary, to allow for its comprehension. The fundamentals for “The General Field Theory of Physics” can be found in “The General Overview” and “Absolutes“. Both are prerequisites to understanding “The General Field Theory of Physics”, and, how the atom’s nucleus and outer component interact. Please be certain to go through “The General Overview” and “Absolutes” before moving on to the more advanced areas of “The General Field Theory of Physics”, and, Proto Physics – Atoms, Molecules, Compounds, and “Orbitals”.

“The General Field Theory of Physics” is based on “The Proto-Physics Model“.  Both terms are used interchangeably throughout this site.

Over the years, I have found quite a bit of resistance to the concepts of Proto Physics by the many groups that embrace Quantum Physic’s Standard Model (QPSM). And, this may be due to the following FACT:

QPSM does not explain how their protons, neutrons, and electrons connect with one another. After more than 80 years they have been unable to verbalize a clear description of the connectivity between: the proton and the neutron; the proton and the electron; and, the neutron and the electron. When discussing these connections within an atom by a proponent of Proto Physics – indicating the connectivity between the nucleus and the outer component can be described – rejection is the simplest and most likely course the QPSM proponents will follow.  They’ve made so many sacrifices to reason to embrace the Standard Model of Quantum Physics anything that comes along and challenges their faith is sacrilegious.

I was very puzzled by this behavior, at first. It seemed reasonable to me that where there is a vacuum regarding the physical universe – and proponents of Quantum Physic’s Standard Model (QPSM) definitely have no answer for the connectivity of the atom’s nucleus and outer component – then clearly someone – anyone – who comes along with an understanding that fills this particular vacuum, must have that understanding addressed, and/or, proven, or, disproved. However, that was not the case. Every effort was met with name-calling; the terms fool and crackpot have been used several times, and outright rejection.

To date, I have found no serious analysis of the Proto Physics model. No one seems to care, so far, that Proto Physics fills the void created by the Uncertainty Principle in the Standard Model.

When Quantum Physics originated in the 1930’s, Niels Bohr’s orbital model failed to be a functional model. What many may be unaware of is no other model replaced it because all of them failed. What QPSM agreed as a group, to justify this lack of a working model, was to embrace Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. They all agreed that they could ignore the “actual” connections between protons, neutrons, and, electrons because these components can’t be observed without disturbing their measurement, anyway. It is because of “Uncertainty” the QPSM group agreed to ignore the connectivity they could not measure, and, focus on the connections they can measure.

QPSM has been very effective on the connections they can measure. Any new model will have to achieve these same measurements. For example, the Periodic Table of Elements has a great deal of measurements that QPSM has used to justify their concepts of:  protons, neutrons, and electrons; positive and negative charges; and almost everything else.

One concept, found in the Standard Model of the Periodic Table, and, that has proven to be very effective for the QPSM group, are “Orbitals”. “Orbitals” were labeled “Orbitals” when the original 1930’s “satellite” model was being tested. After the “Orbital” model failed the name remained, however, QPSM describes these “Orbitals” as purely a mathematical device to describe the energy and shape of an atom. These “Orbitals” are denoted by the s“, “p“, “d“, “f orbits, often visible in the Periodic Table of Elements. 

Now comes the hard part.

Anyone who has a new theory must be able to explain why the “Orbitals” behave the way they do in predicting the behavior of atoms, molecules, and, compounds. Proto Physics is at the beginning of these “Orbital” explanations. However, unlike QPSM, Proto Physics does not have the luxury of ignoring the nucleus and outer components of the atom. And, how these components interact when creating molecules and compounds. This process is a slow one, and, you can expect these explanations will take time. The section that will be labeled Proto Physics – Atoms, Molecules, Compounds, and “Orbitals” will address the concept of “Orbitals”.

While you are waiting for Proto Physics – Atoms, Molecules, Compounds, and “Orbitals”, you can look at the ELEMENTS section in the NAVIGATION column on the left. This section offers links that describe the interaction between the nucleus of the atom, and, the outer component.     

The overall website, THE GENERAL FIELD THEORY OF PHYSICS, is based on the Proto-Physics model, and, it is designed for those who really want to know the answers to the field of Physics and how everything works. And, especially for those who wish to make updates to it, and, changes. To learn new answers, we all must be prepared to leave pre-conceived notions behind.

A different answer requires a different approach. The approach found in “The General Field Theory of Physics” uses a 2-component model of the atom and rejects Quantum Physics 3 component model. This leads to the creation of a brand new vocabulary, and a redefinition of sub-atomic particles, elements, mass, energy, and light.

You will find some significantly different ideas regarding the atomic model in this site. Ideas far removed from the Quantum Physics Standard Model (QPSM).

TheTheory of Physics, Proto-Physics” model you will find described in this website is founded on a commitment to clear, consise, and testable descriptions of the universe, and the fundamental particles that make up the universe. This site is devoted to the implementation of a testable, provable, and complete theory that will evolve intoThe General Field Theory of Physics“.


The Macro-Physics page explains how all of the components of our universe are explained in a simple understanding of very few particles and rules governing those particles.

If you wish your input and comments to play a role in this ever-evolving process you will need to leave pretense and ego aside. That does not mean you cannot disagree. We encourage it. Tell us what we have that is wrong, or, wish to add to what is already there, we will post your comments on the site, and, even in the body of the site if needed. If you choose to contribute, or challenge, any aspect of this site the “Comments” fields are available to you on almost every page. We encourage your participation in this effort.

Enjoy the discovery process and feel free to “Contact Us” if there is something you need help with.


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