I’m Michael Gary Jordan and I prayed for this vision of the universe and it is my responsibility to reveal that vision to others.

One of the most fundamental questions to ask, when someone is trying to persuade you to take a different approach to anything is to ask “Who is this person and why should I listen to them?” The General Field Theory would not be an exception to this question.

So, who is Michael Gary Jordan? I am a customer service representative offering technical support for on-line systems.  I have belong been devoted to discovering how the universe works. Over the last 20 years I have spent countless hours on this vision of Physics, the Proto-Physics model

And, though I have a very famous name “Michael Jordan”, I am not personally well known.

So far, not very impressive credentials.

The question I would hope those who would like to discover a Theory  of Everything would ask themselves at this point is, “What would someone be like who found the answer to how everything works? Would they be a Harvard or Oxford graduate that was renowned in the field of Physics? Would they have written celebrated paper after celebrated paper? What kind of person would bring a new vision of the structure of  the universe to the public eye?”

We have had a lot of incredible people, credentialed and renowned, working on this problem for over a century, and, none of these amazing people have succeeded.  As I am neither credentialed, renowned, or amazing, I at least have those things working in my favor. Those characteristics don’t get to the answer.

No one can accuse me of being brilliant, credentialed, or renowned. I am none of these things, and, that is what makes me fully qualified to share with you how the universe actually works.

What do I have going for me to get to this answer.  I’m just going to say I’m a hard worker and I’m telling the truth, and leave it at that. You decide if you wish to go further.


Michael Gary Jordan

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