These problems were listed by Lee Smolin’s “The Trouble with Physics: The Rise of String Theory, the Fall of a Science, and What Comes Next”, described by Andrew Zimmerman Jones “5 Great Problems of Physics”.

The Andrew Zimmerman Jones article, “5 Great Problems of Physics, was found on the web page:   http://physics.about.com/od/physics101thebasics/a/fiveproblems.htm

  1. The first issue is combining Gravity with the model/s of particle physics. So far this has not been done by anyone in Theoretical Physics.
    • Proto-Physics reasons through how gravity is the attraction of fundamental particles with their opposite fundamental particle at the smallest/largest end of the scale. The opposite particles that are attracted to each other at the absolute motion of 1/1000 c and 999/1000 c. (The General Overview covers this)
    • The attraction of fundamental particles with their opposite particle at the absolute motion of 1/4 c and 3/4 c binds these 2 opposite components into “matter”. This “matter” is found in the periodic table: Hydrogen; Helium; Lithium; Boron; Carbon, etc.
  2. The Second issue is answering the question, “What is actually happening?”
    • The current model doesn’t even attempt to answer this question arguing that it isn’t even a relevent question.
    • Proto-Physics, and this website, are all about “What is actually happening.”
  3. The Third issue is uniting the 4 fundamental forces.
    • Unification has partially occurred with the current model. This model basically has reduced it to 2 forces, particle and gravity. But, so far these 2 forces have not been united.
    • Proto-Physics combines all interactions with a single rule, that the fundamental particle changes depending on its abaolute motion, and, will be attracted to another fundamental particle that has its opposite absolute motion. This means that if a fundamental particle has an absolute motion of 1/10 c then it will be attracted to a fundamental particle with the absolute motion of 9/10 c. This attraction accounts for gravity, and, every aspect of a fundamenal particle: the nucleus of the atom and is outer shell.
  4. The Fourth Issue is “What good is a model that rules out defining principles”
    • The current model uses the Uncertainty Principle as a kind of catch-all argument to justify having no real explanation for the inability to explain how the nucleus of an atom interacts with electron’s. The argument is the very act of looking at this interaction interferes with it so much their can be no explanation for what happens.
    • Proto-Physics actually explains how the nucleus and the electrons interact by reducing these 2 things to a single Proteus, the nucleus of an atom, and a single Proteon, the outer shell of an atom. And, both the Proteus and the Proteon are fundamental particles moving at different rates. These “elemental fundamental particles” are moving at the absolute motions of 1/4 c for the Proteus and 3/4 c for the Proteon.
  5. The Fifth issue is the new discovery of “Dark Matter”.
    • This is a new idea and remains unaddressed by the current model
    • Proto-Physics has an implied reason for this in its attraction of opposite absolute motions, however, no details are included in the “The General Field Theory of Physics” website.


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