For years you’ve heard the terms positive and negative charges. Have you asked what they are? What is a positive charge? What is a negative charge. They’ve been described, measured at length, but what are they?

According to current understanding, a charge measures the attraction and repulsion of one element with another. But, what a charge actually is has not been explained.

Proto-Physics explains charges. A charge is the behavior of a fundamental particle as it interacts with another fundamental particle. These “Charges” are related exactly to the RULES OF PHYSICS. They are explained by the following 2 rules.

  1. REPELS: No two particles with the same external and internal velocity (IV) can occupy the same space at the same time.
  2. ATTRACTS: Twp opposite fundamental particles can occupy the same space at the same time as they are attracted to one another, have dramtically different mass than one another, and they intersect one another. The attraction is due to the fact their (NR) external and internal motions are the same and the flow of these four motions locks them tightly to one-another.


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