The Proof Of Absolute Motion is a Simple One:

This proof is far-reaching in its scope.


Let’s look at the following:

  • The definition of motion is movement from one point A to another point B
  • However, if there is only one point A in the universe, as would be found in the Big Bang singularity, then true zero external motion makes sense at the originating point of the Big Bang.

I had a discussion with a proponent of Quantum Physics that went something like this…

  • Quantum Physics Proponent: So far, there is no such thing as Absolute Zero Motion. It doesn’t exist.
  • Me:  That would not be accurate and I can explain.
    • Based on the Big Bang implication begun in Edwin Hubble’s observation: very distant galaxies and clusters have motion that is moving directly away from our vantage point and the farther away the galaxy or cluster is the higher the measured velocity from our vantage point.
    • Edwin Hubble’s implication leads to another conclusion: if the distance between galaxy clusters is increasing moving away from us, today, everything must have been closer together in the past.
    • Looking at this trend, going further and further into the past would indicate everything must have grown closer and closer together until the event of the Big Bang, where the universe collapses together into a single point.
    • The single point concept, implied by Edwin Hubble’s observation and reinforced by the Big Bang theory, is a literal event.
  • Quantum Physics Proponent:  The Big Bang is not a literal event. He said that, “The Big Bang singularity, in fact the very definition of a singularity, means that current threory breaks down at this point and does not explain behavior at any singularity including the Big Bang singularity.
  • Me:  Of course it breaks down. That’s because it is wrong.
  • Quantum Physics Proponent:  You speak of the singularity as though you believe it to be a physical reality. That is not the belief of physicists. “Singularity” is short-hand, the full statement of which is “the place where our theories break down and we don’t know WHAT is happening”.
  •  Me: So, when I mention absolute motion versus relative motion I believe there is an argument that will lead to an understanding not found in Quantum physics. That everything isn’t relative. That there is such a thing as absolute motion, and thinking in this direction leads to understandings not found in Quantum Physics.
  • Quantum Physics Proponent: Well, good luck with that.
  • At this point the term Crack Pot was used by others in the thread.
  • Me:  It seems that whenever a simple, reasonable, argument is presented to Proponents of Quantum Physics they reject the argument with ad hominem attacks.

When you establish that Absolute Zero Motion exists, as this does, then a range of Absolute Motions can be defined. Absolute Motion ranges from zero to the speed of light.

Why is the Absolute Zero argument so important?

    1. The understanding that there are 2 types of motion, Absolute Motion and Relative Motion, provides the vision of Proto-Physics.
    2. To reiterate: The definition of motion is defined as movement between one point and another.
    3. If there is only one point in the universe, as would be found in the Big Bang singularity, then “Absolute” zero external motion is the only possibility.
    4. Absolute Motion is shown in the Graph of Proto-Physics Model.

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