3 Who Benefits From This Site?


There are many different types that may benefit. People ranging from:

  • what I am hoping to see is a person that wants to explore and understand how the universe works and will take the time and energy to analyze the information provided in this site.
  • the general browser that is just following a train of thought and stumbled onto this site;
  • the debunker who just wants to prove what a lot of hooey this site is;
  • the naive newbie that thinks everything on the Internet is “way cool”;
  • a type that isn’t listed here:

Whomever you are, I want you to enjoy this site and take from it what you need.

  • Navigation, on the left column, may be a good way to determine what this site offers
  • Finally, if you would like to download a book that is helpful, then downloading “THE GENERAL FIELD THEORY INTRODUCTION ©”  can be done by following this link.

Anyone investigating this site should know right from the start this is a WORK IN PROGRESS, and always will be.

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