Proto-Physics will be the General Field Theory of Physics because it:

  • Defines what a fundamental particle is in any reference frame
  • Describes the structure of the atom, explains how Ionization Potentials reflect incremental measurements within that structure
  • Explains why these ionization potential measurements follow a pattern that outlines the actual shape of the atom’s nucleus, the proteus. 
  • Explains why mass increases incrementally. 
  • Explains what Planck’s Constant (h) actually measures.
  • Provides an understanding of why the curve of Binding Energy is the inverse of the Lorentz Curve. 
  • Explains why Atomic Radii decrease across a Period. 
  • Explains what a Proteon (electron) is and why it links to the atom nucleus in the manner it does
  • Shows how very simple interactions between fundamental particles can produce the complex multi-faceted universe we experience
  • And, why every action leads to an equal and opposite reaction.

 The best course to follow, at this point, would be to go through the GENERAL OVERVIEW.


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