2 Fundamental Particles ©:

The 2 Fundamental Particle Model of Proto-Physics

Anyone who has gone to school has learned the atom is comprised of 3 components and these are the Proton, Neutron, and Electron. These terms produce an image of an atom that originates from a vocabulary created with Quantum Physics. (see screenshot below)

Public Domain ATOM

Proto-Physics changes the understanding of the atom. With Proto-Physics it is necessary to replace the Quantum Physics terms with terms applicable to the Proto-Physics model. These new terms will provide their own set of images of what the atom looks like, and, how fundamental particles interact.

HYDROGEN PROTEUS ¼c AEV Fundamental Particle


Proto-Physics uses the terms Proteus and Proteon to describe the nucleus particle and the outer particle of the 2 particle atom.

Proto-Physics follows a fairly simple and hierarchical thread of ideas to describe the 2 component model and create the complexity required for matter and all phenomena in the universe. The following sections, step-by-step, create a foundation for the 2 component model.


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