Proto-Physics Argument Summary ©:

Proto-Physics Argument Summary:

Very little new ground is covered in the first section. Few can argue that mass and energy are related to one another. Einstein’s formula, E = MCs , has established that accelerating matter increases its’ mass, and, decelerating it decreases its’ mass. It is reasonable to say that if mass is infinite when accelerated to the speed of light, it is zero when decelerated to absolute zero velocity.

Every theory must have a foundation that provides a basis for understanding, and, Proto-Physics is no exception. The conclusions that are reached with “The Argument For Proto-Physics” are not without foundation, and, lead to a useful and reasonable approach to how the universe works. This approach is not filled with incomprehensible abstractions that can only be realized in multi-dimensioned formulas that are incomprehensible by even the most sophisticated mathematicians.

The Proto-Physics approach leads to an accessible vision of the universe, matter, and how the nucleus of an atom interacts with the outer component of the atom.

Does Proto-Physics have a long way to go before reaching its goal of being the General Field Theory? 


Will it get there?





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