With this GENERAL OVERVIEW you may gain an overall understanding of the Proto-Physics theory, and, the purpose of this web page. This page is the beginning of your guide through this site.


This web page intends to cover all of physics. Though the web page “The General Field Theory of Physics” does not yet house the theory that all of science will use when studying physical phenomena, it intends to. That is why this site is called The General Field Theory of Physics.

The following links and discussion will take you through this site in a manner that will guide you through the concepts of the Proto-Physics theory. Please feel free to make comments on these pages; however, you should be aware that every comment must be evaluated before viewing on the site. Comments of an obscene or extremely foul nature will not be published to the site. Regarding “Comments”,  the question that is asked in every case is, “How does this comment lead to better understanding of The General Field Theory of Physics?”

 On to the Proto-Physics Model – 1




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